Marie Claire 美麗佳人 - 流行時尚, 彩妝美容, 名人明星, 風格生活


他人無權定義你,勇敢拿回身體自主權。Don't be Afraid. Be Proud.

粉紅十月,也是國際乳癌防治月。本期《美麗佳人》以頌讚所有女性身體獨特與美麗的觀點及視角,拍攝一組服裝大片。無懼、無需遮掩,Because Your Body is a Wonderland.

Marie Claire Taiwan

粉紅十月,也是國際乳癌防治月。本期《美麗佳人》以頌讚所有女性身體獨特與美麗的觀點及視角,拍攝一組服裝單元與紀錄片。無懼、無需遮掩,Because Your Body is a Wonderland.


“Pink October” is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Marie Claire Taiwan filmed a documentary and fashion editorial with the perspective of beauty to praise the uniqueness of all the women's bodies. No fear, no need to cover. Because Your Body is a Wonderland.

“The body is just a body.”——Labels and the lust of the eye have no rights to define who you are.  Don’t be afraid. Be proud. To love yourself and your body, because natural beauty was born this way.